To increase your core GPA through NCAA approved mastery based online course(s).

Improvement of SAT/ACT scores through intense 2x a day, 5x a week SAT/ACT prep course.

Improve study habits and time management skills through disciplined daily schedule.

Help you to not only get into college, but once there to have the skills and discipline to succeed.

Guidance and Support
In order to help you meet these objectives we must first evaluate your academic history. This evaluation will entail a full analysis of both your previous classroom work (transcripts) and previous standardized testing (SAT/ACT) results. After the analysis of your transcripts we will assist you in choosing the proper core course(s) for you to take in order to increase your GPA for both the NCAA and/or a specific school. The analysis of your previous testing will also help us to determine your individual strengths and weaknesses. We will then focus on maintaining your strengths and strengthening your weaknesses during your SAT/ACT classes. You will have full access to wireless internet for your laptop in order to do your online work. We will receive weekly reports and will meet with you to discuss your progress. Parents will receive written progress reports regularly and can call at any time to get updates. Extra help is available each evening if needed or warranted. YOU WILL BE CLOSELY MONITORED!!

The SAT/ACT Prep Course
The SAT/ACT prep class is included in your tuition and will be held 2x per day 5 days a week for 12 weeks. Focus and emphasis will be place on enhancing test performance through test taking strategies, test familiarity and test taking practice. Book and study guides will be provided and full practice tests will be conducted on a bi-weekly basis. Individual attention is provided and additional extra help is available upon request.

The NCAA Eligibility Chart
Eligibility Standards