• Recent High School grads seeking, passing ACT/ SAT test scores, High School Core course replacements, and/ or college credits.
• High School grads that have been out 1 year or less and not attended college at any time.
• Potential Student-Athletes with 2.0 or Greater CORE GPA upon completion of high school.

• Potential Student-Athletes who have not fulfilled high school diploma obligations for graduation.
• Potential Student-Athletes with less than 2.0 CORE GPA.
• Potential Student-Athletes that have not been able to pass high school graduation exams.

• Potential Student-Athletes who have need 24 transferrable college credits in order to become eligible for participation in college athletics.
• Potential Athletes with less than 2.0 CORE GPA.
• Transferring College Students with 1 year or lEss in College Credits.

If potential Athletes fall into either of the last two above categories, they must be enrolled in an accredited high school program.

Post Graduate and Prep Student-Athletes are able to take up to 9 college credits and preferred accredited two year college and not lose eligibility.

Email us at info@championprepacademy.org to get more info about preferred high school provider