The development of a post-graduate high school student is a critical mission at The Champion Prep Academy. Our mission is to develop the student athlete and to prepare them for four year college programs, mentally, physically, and most importantly academically.

The Mission of Champion Prep Academy can only be achieved by providing a highly structured environment with the following components:

1. Responsible Leadership
2. Adherence to Strict Codes of Conduct & Campus Rules/Curfews
3. Superior Academic Support and Guidance
4. Skilled Coaching Staff
5. Customized Mentorship & Life Skills Programs (required)
6). Excellence in Guidance Counseling
7. Advanced Work-Study (Earn-to-Learn) Programs (available to students to earn scholarship funds or earn money for future college expenses).
8. Professional health & Nutritional Development
9. Participate in Community Volunteering Activities & Events (required)
10. Adopt Champion Prep Academy Never Quit Attitude

For many student athletes, a preparatory academy offers the next and final opportunity to achieve a scholarship to a four year college. Champion Prep Academy has high standards for acceptance for superior athletes who want to play at the next level.

As a graduate of The Champion Prep Academy, a student-athlete should be expected to:

A. Possess the determination to achieve athletically and meet NCAA Eligibility academic requirements.
B. Be prepared to accept and respond to authority.
C. Become a valued member of the community.
D. Display a positive, respectful attitude.
E. Have a strong drive to achieve and excel both on and off the field.

If you believe you are prepared for our NEVER QUIT!!! Challenge, contact us now to advance your future. The decisions you make today will forever impact your future.